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Hand-Made in Canada.

We are committed to 'Flattening the Curve' and believe in supporting local textile businesses and keeping local seamstresses employed during the COVID-19 crisis. Although supporting local business and paying our seamstresses a fair wage can cost more than cheap imports, we stand behind the notion of self-reliance and want to ensure that no-one needs to rely on any other country, but their own.

MOJI is no stranger to the fashion business, and we've teamed up with a well-known Canadian fashion start-up called Sprout Collection, along with some extremely talented local designers, to bring you the highest quality, stylish, unique, and protective masks available on the market today. 


  • "Ordered 4. All fit great. Child mask fits my 7 year old perfect."

    Erin B.

  • "I just got them for my father and myself. We are really happy they are very comfortable ❤️😀😊"

    Juilanny M.

  • "Beautiful stitching, fabric, and design! Thanks for being proudly Canadian!"

    Xanthoula K.

  • "Thank you again for the beautiful masks they are so beautifully made 🙏"

    Dee Dee

  • "Got a few of my masks yesterday. Very nicely designed and well made."

    Linda J.

  • "They look amazing! My mask shipped yesterday. Can't wait to get it! So excited."

    Michelle M.

  • “Thank you so much for my second order of MOJi masks! They fit perfectly and are exactly what I was looking for! The only problem I have is deciding which one to wear when I go out! Thank you once again for them and for being the fantastic business that you are!”

    Kelli K.

  • "I just received my masks today and I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with them... I would definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for quality, comfortable masks with a great selection of stylish prints. Thanks!"

    Rhonda F.

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