The "Black" - Solid Series

  • $3.75
  • $12.76
  • - $9.01

MOJi has produced a re-usable, hand-made Solid Series Mask. Each MOJi Mask was hand-made by one of our many local seamstresses who were directly impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. They were uniquely designed by the MOJi team and create a barrier to help protect you from the environment around you, while also making you feel confident and look good....very good.



  • Size: available in 2 size options. Small and M/L. Please choose the size most appropriate for you. 
  • Please note: if you have ordered our Classic Black mask in the past this mask is a slightly different cut and the elastics are slightly less stretchy to ensure they last longer and don't break as easily. They are also a slightly smaller cut than any of our other solid colour masks for refernce. 
  • The masks are made of 2 layers of cotton with a pocket that you can add a filter to (We recommend using a coffee filter cut to size or a dried baby wipe).
  • Cotton lining: Every mask comes lined with 100% premium white cotton for easy identification of which side was worn against your face and for making every mask reversible if you choose (Wash between uses). 
  • Elastic ear straps ensure a comfortable fit. (Please note that elastic ear straps may come in black or white based on limited stocks available)
  • Washable & Reusable (hand wash and *air dry only*)