Order Confirmation, Pickup, & Shipping

All orders are shipped within 1-3 business days from the MOJi Warehouse in Toronto, Ontario. 

Canada Post Shipping Options Include:

Ground Shipping (No tracking number provided) could take between 5-20+ business days depending on your destination and proximity from Toronto. We do not recommend selecting this option at checkout because NO TRACKING NUMBER is provided & MOJi is not responsible for any delays or lost packages without tracking. 

Expedited Shipping (Tracking Number provided) could take between 1-5 business days depending on your destination. Please note that Expedited, Xpress, and Ground shipping both have the same lead times for fulfillment.

XpressPost Shipping (Tracking Number provided) could take between 1-3 business days depending on your destination. Please note that expedited and ground shipping both have the same lead times for fulfillment. 

Curbside pickup 
your order should be ready for pickup the same day you order. If you want to pick up your order and have not received a pick up notification just give us a call at 416-546-4416 and tell us you are on your way and we will make sure to have your order ready for you when you arrive. 

Yes we do! We are located at 22 Balliol St, Lower Level, Toronto. Our hours for pickup are Monday to Friday from 10am - 2pm (CLOSED HOLIDAY). Please call 416-546-4416 when you arrive.

If you choose Expedited or Xpresspost Shipping at checkout, you will receive a tracking number once the order ships. If you choose Standard Ground Shipping you will NOT receive a tracking number. All orders ship from Toronto, Ontario.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. On a case-by-case basis (pending circumstances), if your order has not shipped, we may grant an order cancellation for a $4.99 administrative fee. Please email Hello@MOJiMask.ca for more information.

Order confirmation emails are sent automatically right after your order has been received. If you do not receive one, we encourage you to check your SPAM/JUNK folder as some email have ended up there. If it isn't there, shoot us an email with your order number and we will have it resent. The next email you should receive from us is a shipping confirmation status which means your items have been dispatched and are on their way.

Absolutely!!! Just send an email to hello@MOJiMask.ca and we will make any modification needed.

Product Details

We are proud to say that each mask is Hand-Made in Toronto, Canada. We realize times are tough for everyone so we are doing what we can to help boost the economy and reduce unemployment by employing individuals and wage-earners who have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

All MOJi masks are re-usable with 2 layers and 2 filter slots. We recommend hand-washing MOJi masks with warm water and soap/detergent and allowing them to air dry. MOJi Masks are made with 100% premium cotton, linen or a poly/cotton blend depending on the mask series. They can be washed on a gentle cycle in your washing machine but again, we always recommend hand washing. Note: Please ensure your MOJi mask is washed between each use.

MOJi Masks are made with premium cotton, linen or a Polyester/Cotton blend so we recommend hand-washing with warm water and soap. We also recommend air-drying your masks after each wash as using a dryer may cause shrinkage and damage to the elastics.

Yes. Please wash your masks prior to first use and between each use. If you choose to use a filter, replace it after each use and before washing.

No. MOJi masks are not medical grade masks and do not replace N95 or other medically certified respirators and other personal protective equipment, (PPE).

Anyone and everyone looking for an additional layer of protection for you and those around you …..and want to stay stylish .

While they are not, and should not be direct substitutes for N95 or other medically certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) our hand-made MOJi masks do offer varying degrees of protection and should help reduce person-to-person droplet transmission of a virus.
*Please note that our masks have not been tested or proven to stop transmission nor is MOJi Mask claiming that to be the case. Social distancing, washing your hands with soap & water, and medical grade (PPE) is still the best option).

We have a few different patterns of masks and are constantly adjusting and updating the style for better overall fits. If you receive our original style pattern a large mask will be slightly bigger than the regular mask. As well, the elastics will be slightly longer. If you receive our new style mask, the patterns have been updated to a sleeker look and the regular and large are the same size. The only difference is the length of the elastic where the large mask has 1 extra inch of elastic on each side.

Here is an example to help you choose the most appropriate size for yourself:

Merissa is 5'2 weighing 110 pounds with a petite face. That would TYPICALLY be a Small size.

Amy is 5'6 weighing 120 lbs. Using a tape measure, it is 4.5 inches from the bridge of her nose to the bottom of her chin and 5 inches from her mid chin to the bottom of her ear. That would TYPICALLY be a Regular size.

John is 6'1 weighing 210 lbs. Using a tape measure, it is 6 inches from the bridge of his nose to the bottom of his chin and 6 inches from his mid chin to the bottom of his ear. That would TYPICALLY be a Large size.

Eli is 14 years old and is 5'3 weighing 85 pounds. Kids (Age 8-15) masks are 10 cm from middle of the mask to the end of the mask near the ear and 12 cms from top of the mask to the bottom of the mask. Ear straps are 10 cms in length and are adjustable when using the silicone strap adjusters.

The 2.0 one size fits all mask should fit ALL ADULTS as it is fully adjustable. It comes with a sewn in nose wire and long elastics that can be tied back behind the head or worn as a regular ear loop and tied in a know at the desired tightness and then cut off the excess material. The 2.0 mask is 
14 cm in height from the nose to chin and is 10.5 cm wide from mid nose to end of mask when folded in half.

We know that all face sizes and body types are different and no mask will fit any 2 faces the same so please choose the size you think would be best for you.

Please note: Elastics sewn into each mask are stretchy and can accommodate some stretch in the mask. If you ordered a size that is too big, a simple hack is to tie a knot in the elastic on each side which will tighten up the mask or tie an elastic to the 2 ends and wear the mask with the pressure of the straps on the back of your head or back of your neck.

Unfortunately, in these times our high-quality materials & fabrics are very limited. Once we sell out of a series, we do our very best to source the same fabric, but in some cases once it's gone, it's gone! New stock arrives daily and limited editions are constantly being released so keep checking our store for one that catches your eye.

Bulk & Wholesale Orders

Yes, we absolutely do! Learn more by visiting our “Bulk Orders” page under “Shop” or email us at Hello@MOJiMask.ca

We certainly do! We will work with you to customize your order in any colour and construction you'd like, so you can keep your staff safe, while maintaining the company image. Email us at Hello@MOJiMask.ca for more details. .